Speaking Topics

The Power of Nice, In the Age of Mean

Based on her national best seller, “The Power of Nice,” Ms. Thaler’s research and insights have discovered that the secret sauce of most effective leaders is kindness, empathy, and a collaborative spirit. Counter to the current “eat your young in order to survive” mentality, being nice leads to a better bottom line, a longer life span, fewer divorces and a thriving corporate culture. Learning how to build a stronger “Nice Q,” will help you become far more successful, in work and in life.

How to Go from Grit to Great

Based on her best selling book, “Grit to Great,” Ms.Thaler reveals that the world’s most extraordinary successful people were completely ordinary growing up. In fact, their meteoric rise had little to do with an “it” factor- a brilliant IQ or virtuoso talents- and everything to do with having the “grit” factor- guts, resilience, initiative and tenacity. Through myriad interviews and cutting edge research, Linda illustrates why grit is the most important determinant of future success and offers tips on how anyone can improve their concentration, perseverance and determination.

Bang! Getting Your Message Heard in a Noisy World

Having created one of America’s fastest growing and most successful ad agencies, Linda discusses the importance of creating huge, disruptive ideas in an ever increasingly cluttered world. Based on her national bestseller, “Bang!” Linda offers valuable tips on how to create messaging that is dramatic, memorable, talked about, and will help your brand to achieve iconic status in today’s world.

The Power of Small: Why Little Things Make all the Difference

Contrary to the popular belief that we need to see the “forest through the trees,” the most important innovations and discoveries came to fruition because people understood that, in fact, it is the little things that make all the difference. Through research, interviews and personal stories, Linda discusses the little things that truly make a huge difference in our lives, whether it’s the importance of small talk, celebrating small victories or paying attention to the detailed information that can make, or break, your career trajectory.

Playing Around at Work

Contrary to what you might believe, many of the world’s most important discoveries, inventions, and marketing ideas came about when people were joking around and just having fun. When we’re in a positive and playful mood, that’s when our brains are most conducive to imaginative thoughts and breakthrough solutions.

Based on interviews, insights and personal stories, Ms. Thaler will discuss the role of playfulness in the workplace, as well as in our personal lives, while engaging the audience with entertaining exercises they can use to spur creativity and breakthrough ideas.